1:04 pm - 03/07/2012

Is Joe Jonas a boy in denial and in trouble?

Found this Blind Item with all signs pointed towards Joe.

He used be a genuinely nice guy. Serious about his music, surrounded by people who cared about him, kind to his fans, grateful for his good fortune.

Then he surrounded himself with an entourage of users and hangers-on and everything changed. The members of this entourage are very versatile. His drummer is also his dr*g dealer. His bodyguard parties with him and engages in Twitter wars for him. The models double asesc*rts. The rest of the party crowd uses his name to hawk their wares, everything from jewelry to dr*gs. He doesn’t mind. It makes him feel popular. Then there’s the slimy actor pal who has quite the impressive track record of ruining young lives (and is about to add one more to the list).

  1. Joe was seen in Miami the last two weekends
  2. Skipped a charity event Nick filled in for him last minute
  3. Derick (his bodyguard) recently got into a fight with fans over twitter
  4. He's been seen hanging out with Wilmer (the slimy actor)
  5. Tony (Joe's drummer from his solo/flop experience) was there

My friend did a little research on Derick and he was picked up for cocaine possession through out the years from 1989-2000. He was also charged in 2006 for theft. I'm wondering if Jonas Group did their research, or not? Maybe they just don't care. Not that many of you care, but seems to me like Derick is trouble. 


SOURCE: Blind Gossip & Public Records
briknowsbest 9th-Mar-2012 12:21 am (UTC)
They used your correctly there... lol
invisible_cunt 9th-Mar-2012 12:22 am (UTC)
blinded by rage
hormoaning 9th-Mar-2012 12:23 am (UTC)
im crying
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