12:11 am - 04/11/2012

Why can’t Demi Lovato break the UK?

D’oh! She was No. 36 in the Chart Update but Demi Lovato failed to land her first UK Top 40 album withUnbroken, which has to settle instead for No. 45.

Demi has never had the same UK success as Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus, both of whom have enjoyed Top 20 peaks with their albums. The reason?

British Lovatics knew Unbroken has been out in the US for seven months and got hold of it by other means a long time ago, and those who aren’t established fans and are just casual music buyers had no way of knowing about it because promotion was zero (apart from a brief appearance onDaybreak). Gomez, on the other hand, released When The Sun Goes Down on both sides of the Atlantic on the same day, so her fans could actually buy it in the UK and it would be just as new. Sure enough, it charted at No. 15. Unbrokenisn’t new, it’s over half a year old.

If Hollywood Records and Lovato’s management don’t start scheduling and promoting her properly in the international market then there’ll soon be no point whatsoever in bringing out her music overseas, and that’d be a shame. She wouldn’t even have to come over to the UK to promote the record if its release was simultaneous with the US – thanks to the internet, her fans wouldn’t need any more promotion than a trailer single and the knowledge that they’re getting brand new material.

She’s got a big enough fanbase in the UK to secure a solid-selling album, but leaving it seven months between US and UK release and then just putting it out quietly and expecting people to spend a tenner on it isn’t going to work.

Lovato, Gomez and Cyrus all have loyal fanbases who would buy anything they record. They could put out a CD of them reciting the alphabet and they’d probably buy it. But that’s not the point. Unbroken is a bloody good pop album (I’m not saying Gomez’s WTSGD isn’t), ‘Skyscraper’ one of the most critically-acclaimed pop singles of the last year, and Lovato is one of the industry’s most underrated vocalists. I don’t want to point fingers at people when I’m not 100% sure who’s responsibility is what, but don’t the label/management/publicist/whoever know they have a potential superstar on their hands…?

Still, at least No. 45 is better than No. 192 (Don’t Forget) and No. 199 (Here We Go Again).

Why do you think Demi can’t crack the UK? Leave your comments below.

acciomileycyrus 11th-Apr-2012 08:28 am (UTC)
no they aren't wtf.
To sum it up they're basically saying that Miley and Selly G / their respectful management did a better team at time planning and promoting outside the US as well as in the US.
gorgeousselena 11th-Apr-2012 08:35 am (UTC)
Whatever.. I edited the post.
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