2:50 pm - 06/11/2012

Selena wants Taylor Swift on next album.

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Selena Gomez took a little break from music to expand her film résumé with increasingly riskier projects, including the upcoming "Spring Breakers," but now the former Disney princess is ready to head back into the studio. However, just like in her acting career, her new music will show her more mature side.

"I finished three movies this year, so I'm very happy about that, because it's exactly what I wanted: I wanted to do film for a little bit," she told MTV News over the weekend in New York, where she was promoting her self-titled fragrance at Macy's Herald Square. "But I am missing music, so we're going to start on the fourth record at the end of this year."

While it will be a while before Gomez books some studio time, she said she has already started thinking about how this new album, a follow-up to 2011's When the Sun Goes Down, will sound.

"Very different! I want to go for producers that probably wouldn't want me to do their songs," she said. "I just want to knock on their door. I also want to work with Fun. I want to work with just different styles of music."

Her dream collaborations list doesn't begin and end with the "We Are Young" rockers: She wants to get one of her pals onboard as well. "I also want to work with Taylor [Swift] too. So I just want to do different things for this album," she said. "By the time it comes out, I'll almost be 21, so I want to be able to — wow, that sounds really scary! I want it to be older."

While she doesn't necessarily have a timeframe for the album release, fans might want to mark July 2013: That's when she turns the big 2-1, and her album release might be the splashiest way to celebrate her big day. "I'll be actually able to order a drink, so that will be cool, I guess," she said about the milestone. "I think I'll have a big party with my family and have people come out, because I don't really celebrate birthdays."

pseudovirus 12th-Jun-2012 04:39 am (UTC)
LOL dw im not exactly supportive of selena's music career either, i just have faith in taylor b/c i will stan her forever&always lol. selena's music is fun pop for when i work out and am driving, but she can't sing live worth a damn imo. and ia with you too just.....i'd respect selena more if she did write more. i know there are plenty of great artists who've never written a song in their life, but me personally i enjoy when an artist sings about something close to them, and that's what co-writing/writing gets you. then you can feel the emotions of the song.
pseudovirus 12th-Jun-2012 05:15 am (UTC)
ita. and selena seemed to be doing that, but hwr sucked her back in. oh well, at least she already has two movies in the pipeline that'll prob come out early next year. i *think* she just has the fourth album left on her contract but idk
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