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Selena ELLE article!

Talks Spring Breakers,Harmony and working on set. Eli Roth and Harmony talk Selena. Also talks The Getaway and Growing up and Sharks!

Selena singing along to Justin's "Be Alright"

richnfame 20th-Jun-2012 12:52 am (UTC)
Don't get me wrong, Selena doing indie films is great and all. But that doesn't always guarantee success. With indie films, sometimes it could take years for it to be released, and when it finally does get a release date, it would either be straight-to-DVD or only shown in a few theaters.

I don't think using Ellen and Joseph are good examples because they were never Disney stars who had to constantly prove themselves. However, we could talk about Miley and Hilary. Hilary tried the indie route, but she basically failed. And Miley's LOL was a complete disaster, and it looks like So Undercover will share the same fate as well.

At least starring in a Hollywood blockbuster feature film, like The Hunger Games for example, won't be such a problem to release. Because blockbuster films tend to be a guaranteed-success and usually garners a huge audience and media attention. It could easily take her to the top, which automatically makes her an A-List.

If she really wants to improve herself as an actress, then take acting classes or hire an acting coach, but to use indie films to teach yourself may not be a good idea.

Look, I've been a huge fan of Selena for years, and I've followed her career since day 1. I just want her to be very careful with the films she chooses/auditions for. Maybe this indie route will be great for her, but I'm just not completely sure about this.

I'm honestly worried for her, please reassure me and tell me I'm wrong lol!
pseudovirus 20th-Jun-2012 01:16 am (UTC)
indie movies don't have to have a wide release to be successful. miley's movies have been screwed over for different reasons than why most indie movies don't succeed.... but like half the oscar noms are usually indies that get wider release. that's why i brought up the jen example. winter's bone was an indie, she got nominated for best actress. all of jen's movies before THG were indies and i feel like the approach/look at acting in a similar way.

i kind of ignore selena's disney past b/c she has to rebuild herself as an actress, basically like she's new to the industry, she's talked about it herself. she has to put in the work to get out there, get her talent recognized, and doing indie movies is a great way to do that.

idt selena is going to fall off the radar. she's always been the actress out of the group; and miley's always been better at singing than acting, everyone's always known it. the movie industry didn't embrace her but the music industry seems to put up with her a little bit more and not shun her for BS. and i dont *think* we have to be worried about selena being shunned from the acting world; she's always been praised for her acting & has always had a good public image. idk

also, don't forget 'hotel transylvania'. the reason that so many miley fans were upset when she was replaced for that role wasn't just because it was selena (lbr that was deliberate by the producers b/c of their past, to generate press), it's because animated movies tend to be very successful, and it would have been a good way for miley to turn herself around in the movie industry during the press rounds for that. HT will just add a bump to selena's movie career that already seems to be on the right track.

i think she's being extremely careful with what she picks and is going about it the right way, working with the right people. eli roth, harmony korine... it's risky/edgy and not what people really are expecting out of her movie career, which is a good thing. it's a good thing that selena's taking these indie roles that will probably challenge her and show off her acting skills better than a movie where the CGI and sfx would overshadow her performance. plus, indies etc do make you look like a more ~credible~ actress or whatever, building a career on that. not if they're all shitty, but she doesn't seem to be picking shitty ones soo i think she'll end up doing a few years at most of indies and then have a ~breakout~ role probably in her early 20s that puts her in the emma stone category.

i mean anything can happen and the movie industry is risky in general so it's good to be worried because there's a very real chance that selena will be one of those actresses that the articles mention, who disappear by their mid-late 20s. there's also a very real chance that she could be like what eli roth said, a johnny depp type who goes from the teenie roles to working on unique projects that are meaningful for them instead of going down the teenie route. now, if selena was doing the teenie route, taking those roles she was talking about being offered, i'd be a lot more worried about her becoming hilary duff 2.0, people not taking her seriously, falling completely off the acting map. but i mean, the people who they interviewed about her in this article alone sung her praises enough to make me really think that she'll make this transition successfully. she's been doing it right so far imo
richnfame 20th-Jun-2012 01:47 am (UTC)
Yeah, I see what you're saying. You've made some good points, so I agree. I'm just gonna try to be positive about this and support Selena in whatever she decides to do. Afterall, she is surrounding herself with very talented people like Eli, Korine, Ethan Hawk, hell even Adam Sandler. But there's one thing that really makes me worry about her career. One thing that could really ruin things for her. Her music career.

Now, I love her songs, they're catchy and fun to listen to....but enough is enough. She has a 4th album AND a Spanish album coming out, and this is driving me nuts. She really needs to stop that if she really wants to be taken seriously as an actress. Besides, music can really take up so much of her time with the touring, performing concerts all over America and other countries, the press/promotions for her music, etc. when she should be focusing on acting and her films. Not to mention she has her perfume and clothing line....
pseudovirus 20th-Jun-2012 02:04 am (UTC)
yeah, the Selena as a Brand thing worries me too, and the singing career. but i think this is her last album with her contract... idk. she was going to take this year to focus on movies, but HWR reigned her back in with a single. but once she's out of a contract, that'll be that, and i don't think she has plans on renewing it. but you're right, pop stars-as-actresses aren't usually taken that seriously, which can be a problem.

i kind of feel like, with her last album though it's kind of going to be like a kiss-off type thing to her younger fans? like a "here's one last 100% kid friendly project" or something. b/c obviously spring breakers isn't, i'm guessing that 'the getaway' will be pg-13 just by the nature of the film, and her other movie things that she's been looking at don't look too kid-friendly. and she is aware of that audience, which is also probably one of the reasons why she's doing hotel transylvania. she's going to have to pacify some of them as she waits for them to transition into (hopefully) becoming adult fans.

her music has also helped her gain some adult fans too though and has exposed her to wider audiences..... but as a singer. but still, the name exposure is wider, which will help give her higher billing on movies.
richnfame 20th-Jun-2012 02:21 am (UTC)
I think she mentioned that her 4th album will be more mature and "scary", which could appeal to an older audience. I hope this her last album though. But if she signs another record contract.....I'm so done with that girl. But I doubt she'll do that. Then she has that Spanish album, so I don't know what's gonna happen with that. Whatever, I just hope for the best, hopefully things will work out for her. So we will see.
pseudovirus 20th-Jun-2012 02:25 am (UTC)
the spanish album will probably fly under the radar, in america at least.

i didnt know she said that about album 4 tho. hmmmm idk i can't see HWR letter her get too dark, they're going to want radio-friendly pop. i would like to see a couple songs that she co-writes on for this album tho, since she started out wanting to write songs for her band and the only thing that ever came of that was "i won't apologize". i wanna hear what she has to say lol
richnfame 20th-Jun-2012 02:39 am (UTC)
Yeah, she explains it here:

I do hope she writes more songs, but I doubt it. She also plays the piano, but she never plays it on stage for some reason, and that disappoints me.
pseudovirus 20th-Jun-2012 01:17 am (UTC)
and jesus i'm sorry, yesterday was the last day of classes for spring semester but i still am writing essays about fucking everything.

my excuse is that movies/media etc are what i'm interested in and studying about lol
richnfame 20th-Jun-2012 01:53 am (UTC)
Oh it's okay. I read books, articles, etc. all the time, so your comments aren't that long to me.
pseudovirus 20th-Jun-2012 02:07 am (UTC)
haha, that's good! some people seem to need bolding, or every now and then i'll think someone wants to have an in-depth converation about these sorts of things and i get 'tl;dr' comments or made fun of for ~writing essays~. like, sorry for taking an interest into something, analyzing it, and trying to have a discussion o_o i never go over lj's character limit (which is like 4500 iirc) so w/e
richnfame 20th-Jun-2012 02:35 am (UTC)
Yeah whenever I have a real conversation with someone over the internet, especially with certain topics that I'm having trouble understanding or having worries about, I usually prefer the longer, more detailed comments, instead of a short, unspecific paragraph because that's just gonna leave me with more questions.
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