11:07 pm - 07/07/2012

Miley Cyrus out and about in Los Angeles + cute twitpic with Ziggy

Miley was spotted driving in her Mercedes convertible with the top down in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon (6th July), running some errands. July seems like a good month for Miley! On Wednesday, Rock Mafia’s Morning Sun was released, which featured Miley’s vocals. She’s also set to attend the Teen Choice Awards on the 22nd, with LOL released on DVD on the 31st. Also, her official website is set to relaunch sometime this month, with the acoustic videos! Can’t wait to see the new site and it’s features.

pool day wiff ziggy piggy


odd_fish_stick 8th-Jul-2012 08:15 am (UTC)
between her an liam there's four. the white convertible (benz), the blue suv (benz), the mustang they bought together recently and liam's bmw.
famineaffair 8th-Jul-2012 05:17 pm (UTC)
oh, i thought there more, but still i would be so confused if i had four cars. how do you choose which one to take?
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