4:33 am - 07/09/2012

Olivia Holt's new DCOM, "Girl Vs. Monster"


"We’re well into summer, but that doesn’t mean Disney Channel hasn’t begun thinking for the future. This Halloween, they’re excited to bring you their upcoming Original Movie: ‘Girl Vs. Monster.’

Skylar, a teen with an amazing singing voice has plans to sing at the Halloween party of the year alongside rock cutie Ryan Dean. Everything is going to plan until her parents step in, and make her spend the night at home. Not to be held back, Skylar sneaks out. Little does she know, the consequences of disobeying her parents unleashes a monster, Deimata who will stop at nothing to change the fate of Skylar and her family. Will Skylar be able to stop the monster, and do her parents know more than they’re not telling her?

‘Girl Vs. Monster’ will be premiering in the fall of this year as part of Disney Channel’s second annual Monstober event. The movie will feature Olivia Holt of Disney XD’s ‘Kickin’ It’ as Skylar. You can expect more deets on ‘Girl Vs. Monster’ as the movie wraps production!"

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