5:30 pm - 07/28/2012

Selena reading for a new movie-- "Feed the Dog"


Today, Selena Gomez went to a read-through for a new movie she's attached to, (working title) "Feed the Dog". Lachlan Buchanan and Cary Elwes were also there for the read-through.

The movie is rumored to be based off the book by Ric Browde called, "While I'm Dead Feed the Dog". "While I'm Dead" is a dark comedy fiction book.

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From Goodreads:
While I'm Dead...Feed The Dog is a black comedy fiction work that is accompanied by an originally scored music CD Soundtrack featuring never before released material. Written by songwriter/music producer and eight time platinum and eleven time gold awards winner Ric Browde, the novel explores teenage angst, love & sex and rock 'n roll in the '70s. Browde, who has sold over twenty million albums has worked with such artists as Poison, Joan Jett and Ted Nugent. From narcoleptic nuns, nymphomaniacs, the Mafia, a huckster televangelist, dying Latin teachers, corrupt school administrators, inept policemen, unscrupulous lawyers, buffoon reporters, half -- witted rock and roll musicians, transsexual record company presidents, drug addicted disc jockeys, greedy family members and the lovely Nina Pennington, this novel is a must for anyone who lived or wanted to live in the '70s as a teenager.
oh and the New York Times has it listed as in Development:

"While trying to get into the pants of the most beautiful girl in the world, sixteen-year-old Ric Thibault ends up in the back of a limo on the road to rock'n'roll superstardom opening up for Bowie. But on the way there he hits a bump or two - a few dead Mafia hitmen here, a nymphomaniac next door there, not to mention a few dying Latin teachers, narcoleptic nuns, inept policemen, unscrupulous lawyers, buffoon reporters, huckster televangelists and greedy relatives. ~ Baseline StudioSystems"

Movie Details

  • Title: While I'm Dead... Feed the Dog
  • Status: In Development
  • Genre: Comedy, Music

Sounds interesting! Are you excited to hear more about this project??
wilddude11 28th-Jul-2012 09:49 pm (UTC)
Interesting, so I'm assuming this is why she did her hair? Since doesn't filming come shortly after a table read?

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