6:42 pm - 07/28/2012

ot post featuring some people i'd pay to see naked

and some miley for pseudovirus bc i'm nice & she told me to make one soOOooOo

who would you like to see naked ad??
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pseudovirus 28th-Jul-2012 11:46 pm (UTC)
pseudovirus 28th-Jul-2012 11:49 pm (UTC)
LOL IK i told her to change it lmfaoo

pseudovirus 28th-Jul-2012 11:48 pm (UTC)
i want to make a bigger version of this

briknowsbest 28th-Jul-2012 11:50 pm (UTC)

briknowsbest 28th-Jul-2012 11:53 pm (UTC)
xcarex 28th-Jul-2012 11:57 pm (UTC)

But only if we wiggles his eyebrows at me first.
nileyenaoe 28th-Jul-2012 11:58 pm (UTC)
rinanina101 29th-Jul-2012 01:09 am (UTC)
yes. yes i would too

Edited at 2012-07-29 01:09 am (UTC)
nileyenaoe 29th-Jul-2012 12:02 am (UTC)
pseudovirus 29th-Jul-2012 12:15 am (UTC)
haha ur stuck

i like timeline now idk i'm used to it, i switched right away to pull off the band-aid
pseudovirus 29th-Jul-2012 12:10 am (UTC)

uncheck the box for this "Someone replies to my entry in a community"
briknowsbest 29th-Jul-2012 12:13 am (UTC)
briknowsbest 29th-Jul-2012 12:15 am (UTC)

natty316 29th-Jul-2012 06:17 pm (UTC)
oooh yes please
pseudovirus 29th-Jul-2012 12:16 am (UTC)

briknowsbest 29th-Jul-2012 12:17 am (UTC)

plz & ty
briknowsbest 29th-Jul-2012 12:20 am (UTC)
lol this movie.
briknowsbest 29th-Jul-2012 12:21 am (UTC)

of course <3
pseudovirus 29th-Jul-2012 12:23 am (UTC)
reichell 29th-Jul-2012 12:24 am (UTC)
Demi. Dat Ass.
briknowsbest 29th-Jul-2012 12:26 am (UTC)
briknowsbest 29th-Jul-2012 12:28 am (UTC)
pseudovirus 29th-Jul-2012 12:29 am (UTC)
imma just gif this part in various sizes lool

blazevxi 29th-Jul-2012 12:42 am (UTC)
I ship you/this gif
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