11:53 pm - 08/11/2012

Blind Item

[Blind Gossip] This is a story that you have heard before, but it’s about an actor that you didn’t know was in trouble. He has a successful career, but he has fallen prey to the partying lifestyle.

It’s now interfering with his work. He shows up late or not at all. He is unprepared at work. He is constantly drunk or hungover. He comes to work unwashed, wearing the same clothes from the night before, reeking of booze and smoke.

When a young star is falling apart, their team faces a difficult decision. Do they confront him and try to get them help? Or do they pretend that nothing is wrong so the star doesn’t get mad at them?

Opinions were split among this star’s team. His agents – who were afraid of losing him as a client – chose to do nothing. His publicists – a reputable firm who have worked with him for many years – did the brave thing. They set up an intervention, consisting of the people who love and care about the actor, to try to get him to seek help.

The young actor got wind of the intervention… and promptly fired the publicists. The agent kept his job.

In case you were wondering why no one intervenes when a star is in trouble, this is why. The ones who genuinely care inevitability pay the price.

Not going to say who I think it's supposed to be, but I think you know.

sweetchild92 12th-Aug-2012 07:03 pm (UTC)
.... can abuse alcohol and still be professional/presentable. C'mon people.
pseudovirus 12th-Aug-2012 07:07 pm (UTC)
until it comes to where you're showing up to work with rum on your breath

i mean, yeah, the majority of people are able to drink and live their lives just fine.. but it does become a problem for a lot of people. i think the 'abuse' part kinda prevents you from being professional/presentable..
sweetchild92 12th-Aug-2012 07:32 pm (UTC)
People might smell, etc, and still abuse it and have their shit appear together when they're photographed/making appearances. All this "but he doesn't look a mess" is a horrible way to go, since there *are* plenty of people who abuse it and keep that shit covered up better than courtney love did w/ kurts death tbh
spassbremse123 12th-Aug-2012 08:28 pm (UTC)
Umm maybe... but look at the way this BI is written.

"constantly drunk or hungover" "unwashed" "wearing the same clothes".
Don't you think people would take notice?
They certainly did when it happened to Lohan and others.
sweetchild92 12th-Aug-2012 10:04 pm (UTC)
Of course they would take notice. But it doesn't mean that's how he's appearing to the general public, just those around him.
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