3:53 pm - 11/16/2012

Justin & Selena at the Laugh Factory last night


"It's been one of the most talked about celebrity break-ups of the year.

But it seems that not all hope is lost for young couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, after the pair were spotted out together on a secret date night on Thursday.

The young superstars, who set tongues wagging last week as split rumours circulated, seem to be trying to build bridges as they went to the The Laugh Factory in LA together.

Clearly in need of a bit of light relief the pair kept their heads down as they made their way into the comedy club to catch some stand-up.

While the couple were rumoured to have met up for crisis talks in Brooklyn last weekend, it was unclear whether they had resolved any of their problems.

While Justin performed in the city, Selena jetted back to Dallas to spend some time with her family on Tuesday, but obviously made a quick trip to Los Angeles two days later to see her on/off boyfriend.

According to US gossip website TMZ, Selena was so angry with her popstar other half that she had blocked his number and deleted all his text messages.

The website also claimed that the reason behind the split was 'absolutely, positively' because of another woman.

The 20-year-old actress is clearly intent on repairing the damaged relationship and appears to be giving her boyfriend another chance.

Looking causal for the reunion, Selena wore a pair of black leggings, a baggy white jersey top and a pair of tan, tasseled wedge boots.

Wearing her dark locks tied back, the young star added a silky scarf and wore heavy black eye make-up.

Pop sensation Justin tried to keep a low profile as he left the club, also looking dressed down in black shiny trousers, a white shirt and bright blue trainers."


selena's family has SPOKEN

welp apparently they are no longer *lingse* so i didn't know how to title/tag this post. WHATEVER. 

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