2:20 pm - 12/09/2012

Ashley Tisdale getting in her regular workout

"Showing off her fit figure, Ashley Tisdale arrived at a gym in West Hollywood on Friday (December 7).

The Disney darling was dressed for the occasion in red-and-gray tank tops, gray workout tights, and brightly-colored red-and-yellow sneakers.

Recently, the 27-year-old actress spoke to OK! Magazine about her workout routine, saying, "I have a trainer...I just like a body that looks healthy. It’s not too skinny and not too curvy, but it has curves. I like to have curves. I think we’re meant to, so I just do cardio and do toning."

However, staying in shape isn't as easy as Ashley makes it look. She admits, "Everybody I think has a weakness. It’s either sugar or bread, and I just love carbs.""


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