3:26 pm - 01/18/2013

The Wizards Return: Alex vs Alex-- evil Selena poster!


"A year after the last Wizards of Waverly Place episode aired, we get a first look at art from the one-hour reunion special airing this March, The Wizards Return: Alex vs Alex. The special will follow Selena Gomez’s Alex and the rest of the Russo family as they visit long-lost relatives in Tuscany. A spell goes wrong and splits Alex in two, resulting in an Evil Alex who wants to take over the world — and a Good Alex who must stop Evil Alex at any cost. The story leads to a climactic battle between Alex’s two selves atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Pretty much all of that is referenced in the concept art below. And nothing screams evil like a Cruella De Vil-esque streak of white hair.

Last year’s Wizards series finale attracted 11.3 million total viewers, making it the number one cable kids’ telecast of all time. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie became the second most-watched cable TV movie of all time — after High School Musical 2 — when its premiere garnered 13.5 million total viewers in 2009."


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