2:52 am - 02/02/2013

Miley back at work in the studio

"Miley Cyrus is giving us the kiss-off—but in a good way!

"STUSTUSTUDIO," the apparently thrilled 20-year-old tweeted today, along with a pic of herself in mod striped pants, a black tank, black floppy hat and mega-hoop earrings.

Looks like someone's excited to be making new music...

Fresh from what looked like an awfully fun and relaxing trip to Costa Rica with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, his brothers and their families, Cyrus apparently went right back to work on her next album—for better or worse!

Explaining why Hemsworth is the most satisfying part of her life right now, the Cosmopolitan cover girl says in the magazine's March issue, "There's so much hype behind my new record, but it could come out and, worst-case scenario, everyone f--king hates it."
But, music is at least the second-most satisfying part of her life.

She told Cosmo: "I've never gotten to make a record like this because Disney's always been on my back...I was basically carrying two people's careers and trying to make mine the priority. Now, it's almost like being a new artist and trying to make a first impression. I think the best thing I could have done was take those two years off to really live, because now people don't think of me as who I was on the TV show.""

"Good thing I love my dogs so much"

"I can't handle the cuteness. @peta #rescuelove"

"Oh bean!"

"Bean kisses ❤❤❤"


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