terf from the depths of hell (pseudovirus) wrote in anythingdiz,
terf from the depths of hell

AD EXCLUSIVE: Oops! She did it again..

You heard here first on AnythingDisney a few days ago that Miley Cyrus's purse was allegedly stolen at an LA party she hosted at her new home over the weekend. Her purse contained her iPhone and camera and pictures are now starting to leak.

Keep in mind when you click the cut that this picture was not meant for the world to see. It was stolen from Miley. She did not take this picture for the world to see, and I am asking com mentors to act respectful and to not engage in slut shaming.. this is not about Miley's morals alone, there are other people involved here like whom she took the picture for (if she even ever intended it to be for anyone- she could have taken it for herself), and the people who stole her personal property to try and drag her name through the mud.

Edit: 2 new pics behind the cut (nudity free!!)

proof: http://pics.livejournal.com/pseudovirus/pic/00709349

This photo was taken in Madrid when Miley was still 17 so the uncensored version will NOT be posted here and and links to it in the comments will be deleted.
Tags: miley cyrus
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