9:53 pm - 01/23/2011

Beastly Set Visit: Vanessa Hudgens

It may not be surprising that Quebec gets kind of cold at night, even in May, and by the time we had a chance to talk to Ms. Hudgens, it was nearly 9pm, and we ended up having to borrow a heavy coat from wardrobe so we could do a quick interview with her while sitting outsider her trailer. At the time we spoke, her movie Bandslam hadn't been released, but she had signed on to star in Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch, a set we wouldn't visit for seven more months. (Look for that set visit soon, hopefully!)

Although we never had spoken before (and we weren't exactly "High School Musical" fans), it turns out that Ms. Hudgens was quite delightful to talk to, especially after we had met her parents and sister earlier in the day. I know this had been in development for about a year and a half, so how did they come to you about this and what was the appeal?
Vanessa Hudgens: It was just a script that was in the pile, you know, and I read it, and I thought that it was really interesting. I had a meeting with them, and I remember running in, and I was late and I felt horrible, and we just had a great conversation. It was me, Susan the producer and Daniel the director, and we just sat and talked about the project. Just hearing Daniel's ambitions, what he wanted to do, how he wanted to shoot it, how he wanted to develop the characters. It just seemed like the right next choice.

CS: Had you already finished the last "High School Musical" movie at that point?
Hudgens: Mm-hmm.

CS: What about "Bandslam"?
Hudgens: That was actually before "High School Musical."

CS: Had you been looking specifically for non-singing roles?
Hudgens: Yeah, I'm growing and I want to be able to grow as an actress, and I think the best way of doing that is just by trying to sink my teeth into as many different things as I can. This came to me and it just seemed different. It was a fun, interesting character that I would really be able to play with, so I was like, "I'm totally on board."

CS: Did you read the book or did they want you to read the book?
Hudgens: Um, no, I read the script first, and then heard about the book later on. (laughs)

CS: Did you want to pick up the book to see what your character was like?
Hudgens: Well, yeah, definitely.

CS: So you've read the book?
Hudgens: Um... I don't want to say.

CS: Talk about your co-star, Alex. We've seen him before and he's a really good-looking blonde guy and then he has a very different look as "The Beast." I know your character doesn't like him when he's the blonde guy in some ways. Can you talk about the relationship he has with his two incarnations?
Hudgens: Well, it's the stereotypical, nerdy girl always falls for the bad boy. Even while he is himself, she is the kind of person who sees good in everyone, so from the get-go, she kind of already had a thing for him.

CS: She's a nerdy girl? Is that how you would describe her?
Hudgens: She's just kind of different. She's the artsy one out of the posh people. She'd be the one wearing a scarf and layers and just look more artistic than everyone set in New York where it's very posh and sleek.

CS: Even in high school?
Hudgens: Well, in our version of high school. (laughs)

CS: I didn't go to high school in New York, so I don't know what it's really like.
Hudgens: Yeah, our version is very posh and sleek and very sophisticated. It's supposed to be in an extremely wealthy school, so Lindy definitely stands out from everyone else. He slowly starts to follow her, and she kinds of takes refuge with him and they just slowly fall for each other, because he ends up having a great soul and kind of wins her over from the sweet things he does for her.

CS: It's the "Beauty and the Beast" story. What about your father in the movie? There are some dark underpinnings, because when you first hear about this, you assume it's going to be another PG family movie.
Hudgens: No, it's not. It's really interesting. My Dad is a druggie and it was just crazy, because I never really done anything where it's a little darker and edgier like that. I'm being held at gunpoint in this movie, and it was my very first time, and it was interesting. It's fun. I finally get to do something that I haven't.

CS: It's interesting because Mary Kate Olsen started out as a child actress, as did Alex, who started maybe a little younger than you. You've worked with a lot of people your own age in "High School Musical" and "Bandslam" but is it different working with those who have been acting from an even younger age?
Hudgens: I think the fact is that at the end of the day, we all love doing what we do and that's why we're here, and we all share a love for it. Whether or not we've been doing it for a long time or more recently, we're all here to learn and play.

CS: But Mary Kate obviously has different experience, and I was curious whether you've had a chance to bond with her over it or talk to her about it.
Hudgens: I mean, no. We came here to do our movie and we had a great time doing it together. The past is the past and we just kind of let it be.

CS: What about Daniel as a director? Have you had a chance to see his other movie "Phoebe in Wonderland"?
Hudgens: Yeah, I'm in love with Daniel. I think he's such an incredible director. He's helped so much in character involvement and just kind of figuring out mannerisms to play with my character and a way of speech and just truly developing the character to the fullest. He's so smart.

CS: What do you feel you've been able to bring to the character that shows a different side of you?
Hudgens: It's a whole lot different than me. I'm very outgoing and confident and when it comes to Lindy, she's a bit more all over the place. She's kind of the person that has a bunch of word vomit. She'll say something and then instantly start to retract it, yet she can't stop talking about it. She's just kind of this neurotic character that's just a lot of fun. There's much more of a deeper undertone to the way I speak in it, because I have an extremely high voice (laughs).

CS: So you're speaking in a deeper voice?
Hudgens: Yeah, yeah.

CS: So was a lot of that characterization in the script or was that something you developed with Daniel?
Hudgens: I think a lot of it was what me and Daniel created together. I feel like we created this strong person who I have a lot of fun playing.

CS: I did want to quickly ask about "Sucker Punch" before they take you back to work. Do you have any idea when you start that?
Hudgens: I start that right after this. I go straight into training, and I'm extremely excited. I'm a big fan of Zack's, and I've heard him say that this is going to be his first action film, so I'm kind of freaked out.

CS: His first action film besides "300" and "Watchmen"?
Hudgens: Yeah, exactly. That's what I said.

CS: What has he told you about the character or what have you worked out?
Hudgens: It's an ensemble piece, so I play the character of Blondie. It's just a bunch of strong women. (laughs)

CS: Do you think that's going to be the movie that finds you a different audience that has never seen any thing you've done before?
Hudgens: Yeah, definitely. The kids aren't going to be able to watch "Sucker Punch," that's for sure, but I'm excited. I feel like I'm hopefully going to be able to branch out and reach out to some new people.

CS: My editor's niece is a huge fan of "High School Muscial" and of you and she wants to start singing. How do you feel about being a role model in that sense with lots of young girls wanting to sing and dance?
Hudgens: I think it's incredible, but I think their role model is the character, not necessarily me, and I think that Gabrielle is a great role model, but at the end of the day, I'm doing this for myself, so I'm going to do some films that the kids won't be able to watch, but I'll try to come back and make PG films for them, because the fans are incredible. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here.

CS: They'll also get older so they'll grow into your other movies
Hudgens: Yeah, they'll go with me.

CS: What's been the most fun thing you've done on the movie or the thing you'll remember the most about the movie if you've done it already?
Hudgens: Oh, my gosh... probably just working with Daniel, just really working on scenes, and really developing a character, her mannerisms, a new way of speech, a new way of carrying myself. It's just a lot of fun. I feel like we're really taking it to the next level rather than just half-assing it.

CS: I know you're going to do a stunt next so how much of that have you been doing in the movie?
Hudgens: (laughs) I've had one stunt already, which was quite frightening 'cause I'm afraid of heights, and I had to climb up a ladder, hold onto something upside down, they rigged me and I was literally hanging upside down on a pole, and then they would let the latch go, and they'd count "3,2,1" and then I'd let go and fall into Alex's arms.

CS: So that was part of the scene you're shooting tonight in some ways.
Hudgens: Yes, exactly. It's a continuation of this scene, but it's exciting. It makes things fun.

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calcified 24th-Jan-2011 03:06 am (UTC)
Why don't you like the interviewer, jw?
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calcified 24th-Jan-2011 03:13 am (UTC)
Actually from this interview and the snippet from the general film one, he seems to really like her! I thought your comment might be about how it's pretty obvious he REALLY doesn't like Alex Pettyfer.
talklikelions 24th-Jan-2011 03:11 am (UTC)
I'm sorry, she's really cute but she just sounds so freaking dumb every time I see/read her interviews.

"I'd rather not say"

"It was frightening 'cause I'm afraid..."

actionvaughn 24th-Jan-2011 03:16 am (UTC)
It's not "It was frightening because I'm afraid," it's "It was frightening because I'm AFRAID OF HEIGHTS" which is a legitimate point...
talklikelions 24th-Jan-2011 03:36 am (UTC)
it was redundant, and she irritates me. The end.
actionvaughn 24th-Jan-2011 03:42 am (UTC)
It's an explanation so sorry you were wrong? You should've just commented saying you disliked her.
talklikelions 24th-Jan-2011 03:53 am (UTC)
no, it was a redundant statement. So I wasn't wrong. And she still irritates me, and she still sounds like an idiot to me. My opinion is not wrong. Look up opinion, official definition. Kthnxbai.
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lol calm it down. You're the one that copy/pasted from the article incorrectly and I pointed it out, but feel free to continuing thinking whatever you like. I'll sleep well at night with the correct definition of "opinion" in my head. kthnxbai~~~
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While she's with the dictionary, she should look up the difference between explanation and redundancy. Oh wait, that's you.

I love when people don't read through things and then get pressed.
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oh jesus christ.
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lol stop, you were the one who got mean.
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I am stopping, don't worry. When you're older you'll understand.
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i am probably older than you. so is actionvaughn. we're both - shocker! - completely literate. it's not that hard to read two more words into a sentence before complaining about the stupidity of said sentence. for the future. :)
tarnisheddesire 24th-Jan-2011 03:21 am (UTC)
Wait, Bandslam was before High School Musical? I thought she looked a lot younger in the first HSM so I'm surprised.
starfleet 24th-Jan-2011 03:29 am (UTC)
she meant high school musical three, i'm assuming.
tarnisheddesire 24th-Jan-2011 03:38 am (UTC)
Oh, yeah, that would make more sense then.
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