5:34 pm - 04/02/2012

Pics from Bella and Zendaya's trip Dubai!

I visited the Rashid Pediatric Center…

And I celebrated the launch of the official Bella Thorne Shake at Millions of Milkshakes… yum :)

And met so many amazing Bellarinas and Bellarinos at the Dubai Mall! Thank you SO much to everyone who came to meet us!

Sending love to the UAE!

Zendaya and I performed for SUCH a great crowd…

Then we hung out in the VIP room and watched the water show at the Dubai mall…

And Zendaya and I went to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!

We got some love in Abu Dhabi…

Here I am getting ready to fly to Dubai!!! Remy came with me! Yay! Bro time!

We were so excited when we finally arrived…

Look at the view…

And then one last stop before we left… swimming with the dolphins!!!

And we headed straight to the pool on our first day here…

wouldn't want to share this experience with anyone else!!

Sooooo cooooollll!!! Just got this mad pack:)

Thank you Dubai

If only I could wake up to this every morning

Thank you Emirates Hospitality an Millions of Milkshakes for taking me on this beautiful adventure, putting this all together and allowing is to meet our beautiful fans of the middle east

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oyecrackiao 3rd-Apr-2012 03:54 am (UTC)
I wonder if they were in Dubai...hmm..

anyway, Zendaya is gorgeous.
That is all.
talklikelions 3rd-Apr-2012 04:49 am (UTC)
I think it's really cute how interactive she is w/ her fans and on her blog/website. It's a great way to make her fans feel more like they know her and less like she's high uppity
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