3:14 am - 04/03/2012

Preview for next week's Once Upon A Time "The Return"

"As Mr. Gold attempts to uncover August Booth's true identity, Emma confronts Regina about her involvement in Kathryn's disappearance and David tries to reconcile with Mary Margaret. Meanwhile, Rumplestiltskin's backstory continues to be revealed as he attempts to become human again in order to be with his son Baelfire." ---Wiki

this show keeps getting better and better, sunday's episode with bailee madison was FLAWLESS!
ex_janey 3rd-Apr-2012 08:10 am (UTC)
i caught the last episode when my mom was watching it while i was waiting for game of thrones and ngl i'm kind of interested now
sullyvann 3rd-Apr-2012 06:51 pm (UTC)
yeah honestly at first i was like hhmm maybe? but the more you watch the better it gets!
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