8:36 pm - 04/27/2012

Nick and Kevin Jonas at the Softball game

Michael Urie   i love this @TheRobio @nickjonas

Search Joe on this Picture!:

Little cute Nicholas:

Chelsea Kane visits Nick Jonas in NYC:

+ Miley and Nick tweeted about the same song at the same day. I don't have to explain..


jayferks 28th-Apr-2012 10:22 pm (UTC)
also idk why people are responding negatively to your comment, it's all pretty true sounding to me lol
gigglyangel 29th-Apr-2012 05:54 am (UTC)
I may be very wrong about this esp since I feel like I don't know a lot of people on here well but I kinda wonder if those people being negative are big Miley and Liam fans. from my experience sometimes they're not very open minded and only see Miley as having feelings for Liam.

I'm not bothered either way though. it's typical AD to me and it just makes me appreciate members like you and Justine all the much more.
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