4:08 pm - 04/29/2012

Joe Jonas wears an awesome shirt and is going to be on Punk'd

"Hanging with my bro Derek"

"So, we ended up at Joe Jonas apartment for an afterparty last night.#joejonas #jonasbrothers #joe #afterpar"

Joe's going to be on Punk'd on May 17th

his punk'd will probably be boring because i can't see him really getting worked up over it

oh and if anyone cares- Maya got a tumblr/twitter/instagram and is being really nice answering questions on her tumblr if you have anything to ask. she even answers questions about miley, selena, and demi (and has said sweet things about them).

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fireandthud 30th-Apr-2012 12:16 am (UTC)
Yeah I guess it's just like suddenly he's literally letting pretty obvious ones through. Idk I think he's a good guy who just makes a few bad decisions but he's young I guess!
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