7:10 pm - 04/30/2012

Miley at Pilates Today

Also Miley hung out with Johnzo last night

 Also Miley's new manager(replacing Jason) is Bruce Flohr from Red Light Management. He also manages the Foo Fighters and the Dave Matthews Band. Red Light manages country artists like Faith Hill and Luke Bryan, they also manage Alica Keys

Also cute Miley and Billy tweet

fireandthud 1st-May-2012 01:58 am (UTC)
I'm not a huge fan so I've never read her book, but I'm assuming her family have, and this is so clear if she was suffering with that so young and they just swept it under the rug it's highly likely this is connected.

There was a lot a few months back about how "fat" and "bloated" she was I think that hit her hard. For a girl (well anyone really) with low self esteem that had to hurt. It's just sad everyone around her is allowing her to destroy herself.

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