7:57 am - 05/08/2012

Miley keeping up with her pilates routine (5/7)

Miley was seen yesterday (5/7) keeping up with her daily pilates routine in West Hollywood. Miley was seen holding a skull-print bag that fans might recognize as a favorite of Miley's from a couple years back!

Sadly, Miley seems to still not be at her happiest... fans on twitter noticed more fresh self-harm marks on Miley's wrists in these candids. Hopefully her PR focuses more on actually helping their client instead of coming up with BS statements before it's too late.

---trigger warning, self-harm---

thisloveisours 8th-May-2012 01:52 pm (UTC)
i agree but it's probably the same thing that happened with demi. didnt demi say in a interview that when people in her camp or friends tried to help her or talk to her about her issues, she was done with them and wouldnt listen/leave them behind. miley's main group of people have been her main group for a looong time .. they probably dont want to lose her as a friend/employer. not that thats the right thing to do but it happens. i really do believe one of the reasons that semi is basically over is because selena noticed what was wrong with demi/tried to help her and demi got mad and cut her out.
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