4:54 am - 07/01/2012

Shake It Up: Made In Japan Promo with new songs!


This summer, Disney Channel is taking Shake It Up to Japan. This new promo for the 90-min super-sized episode features three new songs Bella Thorne & Zendaya sing for the special: "Made In Japan", "Fashion Is My Kryptonite", and "Same Heart".

At the end of the week, Zendaya & Bella shot the video for "Fashion is my Kryptonite"--- which features Cat Deeley! "@catdeeley had so much fun with u on set yesterday! i need to come to your show now...i love SYTYCD! xoxo" Bella tweeted, along with a picture of her, Z, and Cat. You can hear a clip of the song in the background of the promo below from :29-:56.

Zendaya also tweeted a pic with Cat. "it's a beautiful day to shoot a music video!"

We can't wait to see the hear the new songs and see the "Fashion Is My Kryptonite" vid!


Don't forget: there's a new episode of Shake It Up tonight @ 8:30pm! Check out pics & a promo for "Rock & Roll It Up" here!
oyecrackiao 1st-Jul-2012 10:07 am (UTC)
I LOVE that bella has a middle part now, she looks SO cute.
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