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How to: make a post!

Hey guys! We passed the 8500 member mark--- wow! That's a helluva lot more people than hormoaning, our friend Ryan (he helps out over @ our friends ;aramatheydidnt</lj> now!), and I nnnnever thought about back in 2008 when we made this community. So--- thank you everybody!

And that's what we continue to be-- a community. We've made it through these past few years with all the Disney Channel transitions, a few new Disney & Pixar members, members that come and go, dramaaaa, members who've been here from the start, lurkers, new people--- and the newer people are kinda why I made this post. Or for anyone else who just doesn't know how to make a post, needs a refresher or tips!

Part of us being a community means that anyone can submit a post (it goes to the moderation queue & the mods handle that---PS we'll be having a post about look to add on a couple new mods soon). I know most of you know that, but for anyone who doesn't--- there ya go, now you do!

I've been noticing a lot lately that a lot of people simply don't know how to make posts. They post a link in the comments, or just submit a link to the queue... and that's okay! But most of the time those links are accompanied with an "I'd make it but I don't know how to post!"

So, if you don't know how to post, I hope this little guide helps. If you have questions feel free to leave them here, or if you're making a post and confused about something you can message me or one of the other mods (see our userinfo for a list)

Okay, before the actual guide: livejournal also has some pretty good FAQs. If you're having a problem with making a post or figuring out how to do something on the site in general, check the FAQs! Chances are you'll find an answer somewhere in there:

Alright, first you're going to go to the update page (to access on lj-- go to "Journal" and then "post an entry" in the blue horizontal bar near your icon on the left side of the page)

Then you're going to decide if you're going to post in Rich Text, or HTML. Rich text is a pretty easy way to make a post, especially if you don't know HTML. If you're given an HTML code from somewhere (youtube, photobucket, etc) sometimes it's easier to copy/paste in HTML mode rather than clicking the 'insert media' button in rich text (which we'll get to!)

1. k so your page looks like this

Make sure you have 'anythingdiz' selected as the community, otherwise you might accidentally just post it to your own journal. And I have the Rich Text/HTML tab circled if anyone was confused about that.

I'm assuming that most people who have HTML knowledge can figure out the HTML tab for themselves pretty easy, you just use basic HTML code, it's pretty simple. 

2. Rich Text
Ok, rich text is a little easier if you don't know what you're really doing. See all the buttons in the toolbar in the above image? Those will basically do all the work for ya. 

3. Adding images in rich text
This is pretty easy. LJ gives each account a certain amount of storage space, and it's really easy now to upload all your pics at once right to the post. To insert an image, click the green square button near the middle of the button toolbar (next to the dude's head). Then you get a screen like this:

Just click browse, find the folder where your images are saved (plz save images and rehost them--- if not to LJ, then to imgur or a similar site. See that "Past URL" link in that screenshot? You can add images hosted on other sites by clicking that, but please do not hotlink directly from the source---reupload to imgur or somewhere similar).

And you can also resize images through that screen too--- after your pics are uploaded, you'll be at a screen like this. Setting the resize to '600px' usually works out great.


Then click 'add to post' and voila! 

But  wait crap, you have a bunch of pics! Better stick most of those under an lj-cut. 

4. LJ-Cut in Rich Text
Cuts are simple enough, all you have to do in rich text is higlight everything you want under the cut (in this case, it's going to be all the images except for the top one--- sometimes it'll be video or text or w/e, up to your discrestion). Then after you have what you want highlighted, click the button near the center of the button toolbar that's next to the little thumbs up button (if you hover over the buttons they'll tell you what they do too).

alright so see the little scissors and the dashed line above the second pic? that means the cut works, and that line is where it begins. There's a line where it ends too:


see how the 'source' link is underneath the cut line? that means it won't be under the cut. you can do that with images, a video, etc-- again, how you want to make the post look! :) 

5. Adding a source link
Okay, this is easy enough. See the screencap above? That 'source 'is obv a link b/c it's blue, that's how you'll know if it worked. To make a link out of text (or a picture even), highlight the text (or pic) and click the button in the toolbar that looks like the earth with a paperclip on top, right next to the 'size' box.

6. Adding a video
Videos are pretty much like adding pics except it's easier b/c you don't have to upload anything! To embed media, look on the video for the embed code (sometimes under the 'share' option, depends on the site) and copy it. Then find where you want the video to go in your post, and click the white & blue square button in the center of the toolbar (it has an 'play' arrow on it). Then just paste the code and you're good to go!




7. Preview!
You can usually tell if things look alright in rich text, but it's good to double check by previewing your post so that it doesn't get rejected from some easily-fixable error. Preview shows you what a post looks like after you would click on it on the main page, so your lj cut won't show up in preview so just try to pay attention to the scissor lines if you're using a cut.


8. other tipz
  • play around with some of the different buttons! you can easily make text bigger/smaller, center/align text, make bulletted lists, bold/underline/italicize, and even make lj polls using those buttons! 
  • if you're not sure, test the post in your journal! i do this sometimes with lj cuts if i'm worried if it 'll work or not. you can also get a better feel for what the post will look like than w/ just with preview mode.
  • Be creative! Add gifs (but not too many, & not too large of a filesize plz), try to brighten up articles/text post with a relevant image-- and hey, if you feel like writing, go ahead and type up a little description.
  • ***Try to make your title somewhat descriptive. Instead of like, "Selena pics" as a title, maybe use "New Selena pics at the mall yesterday" or something like that; give a little more description so people coming to the post via twitter or FB can easily tell what the post is about (posts get sent pretty quickly from our RSS feed to our twitter/facebook once they're posted)
  • *****Plz don't forget the source, and try your best to make it a direct link. I think the only site I've had trouble linking back to has been, but for that you could just type ''. Even try to put a link with videos if you can; some people have to click URLs on their phones etc to view videos and it's nice to have an easy link to click on.
  • don't be afraid to make a post! after you get making a few you'll prob get the hang of it really fast. it can be fun, especially if the post generates good discussion/comments.. and it's entertaining too when you're procrastinating, and now that school's here for most of us... :P 

Okay, so I think that just about covers it. Again, if you have anyyyyy questions about making a post, feel free to comment or message a mod and we'll try our best to help!

k so now I hope most of you when you see something about ur fave that you wanna see on here, you'll be able to make a post! Seriously, if you think there's not enough posts about [insert celeb name/movie/etc] and want more, start posting about it and keep us updated! 
you_hermit_crab 27th-Aug-2012 12:22 am (UTC)
This was so helpful! Thank you for being the best mod EVER!
(no subject) - Anonymous
ex_janey 27th-Aug-2012 12:32 am (UTC)
i'm here for the drew barrymore/scream gifs
fuckingsookie 27th-Aug-2012 12:37 am (UTC)
omg your icon ;__; one of my favorite movies!
ex_janey 27th-Aug-2012 12:39 am (UTC)
ever after is so perfect

i cry every single time i watch it lol no shame
littlemix 27th-Aug-2012 12:42 am (UTC)
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ex_janey 27th-Aug-2012 12:50 am (UTC)
well you know~

(no subject) - Anonymous
ex_janey 27th-Aug-2012 01:33 am (UTC)
i LOVE when i catch it on tv, but sadly now that i work a weird schedule i always miss it

i've always loved her, but now that i'm older and i get more of the jokes it's so much better
fuckingsookie 27th-Aug-2012 12:36 am (UTC)
super helpful post :) totally going to bookmark this page for future references~

littlemix 27th-Aug-2012 12:42 am (UTC)
that scream .gif <3 so iconic!!
(no subject) - Anonymous
littlemix 27th-Aug-2012 12:57 am (UTC)
i have to buy it on blu-ray! let me know how it looks.
spider 27th-Aug-2012 12:45 am (UTC)
Yesssss scary stories post please.
laurenlip20 27th-Aug-2012 01:05 am (UTC)
What was anything disneys first post?
ilogenick 5th-Sep-2012 03:46 pm (UTC)
omg, this is amazing, thank you so much ♥
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