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3 Disney/ABC Ships Landed In Portrait's 2014 Top TV Ships

Portrait had visitors to their site nominate, and then vote on, their favorite TV relationships from the last year, and the results went up yesterday with the first article from their February issue.

#9. Ally Dawson & Austin Moon [Austin and Ally]

“It’s just that everything is better with you. My singing is better, my dancing is better. My everything is better.”

They say opposites attract and that certainly applies to this duo. When Austin and Ally first met, he was a confident and carefree guy, while she was serious and shy. They didn’t exactly see eye to eye, especially after he stole her song, but sometimes things happen for a reason and there are reasons why certain people come into our lives. Since their initial meeting, Austin and Ally have become good friends and then some. Yes they were temporarily together and then split up, but only because they cared about their relationship too much to mess it up before they were ready to properly be together. Timing is everything for these too and when the time comes, they’ll be ready. For now, they have a strong friendship and inspire each other, which in the end will create a strong foundation for what will inevitably be a solid romantic relationship.

Memorable Shipper Moment: After being separated for weeks, Austin and Ally find their way back to each other, but not before a set of mishaps. By the time, they reunite there’s barely any time before they’re separated again. Austin doesn’t want Ally to leave because he realises that he’s better when she’s around and needs her there, but alas duty calls and Ally leaves...or so we think. Ally returns after realising that she needs Austin too and that she's uninspired without him.

#8.Emma Swan & Captain Killian Jones aka Hook [Once Upon a Time]

“There’s not a day that will go by that I won’t think of you.”

It takes a lot to break down the walls of tough and guarded Emma Swan, but slowly and surely, mysterious bad boy pirate, Captain Killian Jones aka Hook, did that. Well at least until the whole memory wipe thing happened and now we need to wait until the show’s return next month to see how that pans out, but that’s another story. We’re sure that this wasn’t what Hook was expecting either when he began his quest for revenge and ended up finding something else. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for these two though (but then again, no one writes songs about the ones that come easy). She was wary of his charm and grudgingly worked together with him. Yet along the way their relationship developed into one of affection and respect, having realised that they were kindred spirits who understood each other. She may not remember him now, but given the chemistry we’ve seen between these two, we’ll be keeping our hopes up for these two.

Memorable Shipper Moment: Hook is a charming bad boy pirate, so it’d be easy for him to use that charm and an arsenal of tricks to get him what he wants. Yet he refuses to resort to such tactics and confesses as much to Emma, telling her that he intends to win her heart the honourable way.

#6. Lacey Porter & Danny Desai [Twisted]

“Well it’s worth the risk.”

Lacey and Danny were best friends when they were kids until a horrific incident separated them. Now five years later, Lacey’s the queen bee at school and Danny’s the outcast. At first she tries to distance herself from him, but events seem to keep bringing these two together and she eventually lowers her defences around him. Although Lacey has a boyfriend, Lacey and Danny start hanging out again and it’s not before long that they kiss and Lacey’s left conflicted about what (and who) she wants and whether cost of fighting for it is worth it or not. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, and the more you try to fight it, the stronger that pull gets and judging by the serious chemistry between these two, we don’t see that connection going away any time soon. Lacey and Danny’s love story has been compared to Romeo and Juliet’s, but here’s hoping that it has a happier ending than theirs!

Memorable Shipper Moment: No matter how much she tries to fight it, Lacey seems to constantly find herself drawn to Danny. This time she finds him at his aunt’s grave in a vulnerable state, thinking about how his past mistakes will go on to haunt him for the rest of his life. Lacey tells Danny for what it’s worth, she believes him. It’s clear that her words mean a lot to Danny and they share their second kiss.

You can check out the full results of the poll and see the whole article @ Portrait Magazine

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