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The Magic Kingdom of Disney Gossip

Welcome to AnythingDiz!

This is a Disney news & gossip community where members & moderators contribute to post anything Disney! You're allowed to post pictures, news, videos, articles, whatever you want--- just make sure you note where you got it from!

Even if you're not into the current crop of Disney Channel stars, you can still join and participate! There are posts about everything and anything Disney--not just Disney Channel! Old Disney Channel shows, stars, movies, DCOMS, animated movies, the theme parks, etc are all acceptable to post here. See an article you want to post or think your fave isn't being given fair attention? Go ahead and submit a post! AD is a user-driven community, and we encourage members to submit posts about Disney-related things they find interesting!

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→ Rules

• Posting is moderated, but don't let that stop you! Just try your best to follow the few rules we do have about posting, visit the tag of whatever you're making a post about to check that it hasn't been posted, and you should be good to go!
Don't hotlink. Hotlinking means that you copy and paste the link from the site you got the picture from. Please upload pics to LJ scrapbook, imgur, or another external hosting site. If you have a free photobucket account, sometimes those links die because of the data allowance limit.
• If you are posting multiple images or videos, post one and then use an lj cut, please! Also check the LJ FAQs if you're having trouble making a post or don't know how and want to learn, feel free to message a mod for help!
• Tag your posts, and include a link to the source if there is one (including youtube videos)!
• Graphic/icon posts aren't allowed.
• No advertising. This includes sales, communities, websites, etc.
• Keep your posts/comments Disney-Related; off-topic comments are for
OT posts!
• Never delete other people's comments when you make a post-- multiple violations will result in a ban.
• Trolls get boring, fast. Consider this your warning. Using proxies to evade a ban will get you banned again. Using proxies in general will probably get you banned, and evading bans from anythingdiz may result in your IP being banned from livejournal.com.
• Bullying and repeated harassments will get you banned. Use common sense. If you're old enough to be on Livejournal without parental permission, you're old enough to know what bullying is or isn't.
• Posting un-purchased material from startraks is not allowed.
• It's AD moderator discretion to decide whether or not a source is accepted, and what is deemed "post-worthy".
• Questions, comments, concerns? Message one of the mods or maintainers (listed below) and we'll do our best to help you out, or you can e-mail us at anythingdiz@gmail.com.

→ Testimonials

This community is so hip and fun!! ^_^ -Anonymous

I've met my best friends on this community. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I love coming here each and every day :) -Mary Jane

Great times and parties every day - Joanna

I'm sick and tired of all the goddamn trolls in this community. It's gone to complete shit. - Anonymous

Up-to-date, active, amazing!! - Ronald

People here aren't afraid to have fun! Best Disney community around! -S. M. G.

i think the reason a lot of lurkers don't comment is because they have no idea what anyone is talking about half the time and they probably would feel weird to be like "hey i really like demi's nailpolish" and sometimes they does seem like it's a bunch of inside jokes and palpal lesbian e-friends and stuff but it only takes like 1 day of reading posts to get into it or 1 participation in an OT. we are so friendly! - itsmileycyrus (the real molly cyrus)

There may be fights, but everyone comes together in the end! You don't have to like the same person and it's fun to argue sometimes and stand up for your favorite person! - Dani

this community is very special to my heart, i grew up with disney and disney helped jump start my career, i come here all the time on an anonymous username but u will nevr kno who i am... plz join... you could be talking to me!!! - britney spears

AD is a breeding ground for trolls and homosexuals! - anonymous

i sware to god if you post my comment on anythin disney yur little community again ill coe over ther myself and mess you up\ quit it - susie

I do not think I will be able to talk to a bunch of baby satans. God would not like this at all. It is disgusting and needs to be stopped. - anon

→ Celeb Shoutouts

we love and appreciate MILEY CYRUS, bella thorne, zendaya, coco jones, demi lovato, debby ryan, michael seater, mitchel musso, nick braun, matt prokop, and lucas till! thanks for the shout-outs/RTs/interviews & for just being awesome!!

Our header was made by kassieland. Thank you! | fairyonacid will go down in history as the first maker of an OT post.. we ♥ you!

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